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Learn more about custom HCG Diet programs for menAs much as you want to eat right and workout regularly, there’s only so many hours in a day. With pressures on today’s man continuing to mount, stress and lack of time to devote to health are having a bigger impact each year.

Perhaps you have tried to manage your diet and exercise daily in the past, only to give up when you got too hungry or felt like there were too many other things you had to get done. You may have lacked support from important people in your life as well. While all of that is certainly discouraging, the HCG Diet for men in California’s Bay Area offers real hope.

You may have heard that HCG is a female hormone, which technically is true. Women produce large amounts of this hormone when they are pregnant to help provide for their own nourishment and that of their growing baby. However, HCG is found naturally in men as well. HCG in men’s bodies helps kick start puberty in addition to supporting the sexual and reproductive functions.

When used as part of a diet plan, HCG hormones are modified and compounded based on the patient’s health history and weight loss goals. It helps you to manage hunger while melting away fat at the same time.

Following a Low-Calorie Diet While Receiving HCG is Critical to Success

Although it would be nice, you don’t lose weight just by receiving the HCG hormone each day. It’s also essential to stick to the calorie limit advised by your doctor during the program’s initial active phase. While diet completion times vary, you can expect to receive HCG and restrict your calories for at least several weeks.

Some men in the San Francisco Bay Area are concerned that they won’t be able to get by on so few calories every day. If you initially feel concerned, keep in mind that the HCG hormone helps to keep your appetite under control as you adjust to the restricted calories.

Before you start the active phase of the HCG Diet for men, you need to finish the loading phase first. This is a period of two days in which you consume as many calories as you possibly can. Nothing is off limits, not even burgers, pizza, and beer. While it might seem counter-productive, your doctor has a good reason for asking you to complete the loading phase. It allows your body to build up an adequate supply of fat and helps to reset the metabolism when you reduce calories on day three.

The First Step is Scheduling a Consultation

We provide our website visitors with a free directory of providers in the Bay Area who administer HCG and supervise diet plans. After locating a doctor, contact his or her office to express interest in the program. You will need to come in for a one-on-one meeting with the HCG Diet Specialist as well as complete a comprehensive physical exam.

Your doctor uses the information he obtains from these two sessions to request assistance in creating your personalized diet plan from a local compounding pharmacy. Before officially starting the plan, the two of you decide on a method of HCG administration as well as a daily calorie target.

Learn more about the HCG Diet for men from the HCG Diet Doctors found right here on the Bay Area HCG Doctors Locator®. Choose a doctor who is right for your and schedule your HCG Diet consultation today to start your journey towards a thinner, healthier you!

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