HCG Medical Weight Loss for Women in Bay Area California

Offering supervised medical weight loss programs to help women lose weight effectively

Bay Area HCG Medical Weight Loss Plans for WomenAs a woman, so many factors affect your weight that have nothing to do with not having any willpower. Your monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancy, stress, genetics, and certain diseases can all play a role in how much you weigh and how successful you are at trying to lose weight. In spite of this, many women in the California Bay Area beat themselves up for not living up to an ideal they either have themselves or have seen portrayed in the media.

If you know you need to lose weight to be healthier, you need all of the support you can get. The HCG Diet for women offers you just that.

HCG is an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone your body produces in large amounts when you are pregnant. Even women who are not pregnant have small amounts of HCG present in their body. Doctors who offer this diet in the San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland metro area provide you with an altered form of the hormone in compound form. Although an injection is the most common way to receive HCG, it is also available as a pill, cream, patch, and several other methods. You can lose up to a pound a day, sometimes more, when you receive the HCG hormone each day you follow a low-calorie eating plan.

Unprecedented Results

Most people who follow the HCG Diet for women notice that their clothes feel looser by the end of the first week. The combination of receiving the hormone and restricted calorie intake is what makes such fast results possible. Compared to other diet plans, you can expect to drop pounds and inches at least twice as fast. That’s because HCG works to control your appetite while it melts away fat at the same time. Although you may feel hungry at first while your body adjusts, you will soon see a payoff for your efforts.

Understanding the HCG Diet and How it Works

When you follow the HCG Diet for women, it resets your body’s metabolism so it is able to turn the food you eat into energy more efficiently. The reduced food intake means that everything you put into your mouth is processed and used by your body. It doesn’t remain as fat. After more than a few days on other diet plans, your body goes into starvation mode and pulls energy from muscle while leaving fat intact. This causes many uncomfortable symptoms, such as fatigue, irritability, and all-day headaches. Muscle loss also causes your hunger to increase to the point where it’s virtually impossible for you to remain on a low-calorie diet.

A Supportive Professional is the Difference Between Success and Failure

Your HCG Diet Doctor is there to cheer you on and help you overcome obstacles at any point in the program. Together, the two of you decide on a calorie target, how long you want to remain on the active phase, and the best way for you to receive HCG. In addition, he or she provides you with a list of encouraged foods and those you must avoid. Your doctor’s commitment to you doesn’t end once you sign up for the program. He or she offers ongoing supervision to ensure that you tolerate HCG and that you are losing the amount of weight you expected. Once you’re ready for maintenance, your doctor is there to support that as well.

Choose a local Bay Area HCG Doctor near you and schedule your HCG Diet consultation to learn more about the benefits of losing weight and getting in shape with an HCG Diet designed for your body’s unique needs. Don’t wait any longer to take control of your health and regain your self esteem and confidence in your physical appearance.


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