How the HCG Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Bay Area California HCG Diet Plans are Individualized to Each Individual’s Weight Loss Needs

What is the HCG Diet - Bay AreaDoes it seem like you’ve tried every diet in the San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland metropolitan area only to be at your highest weight ever? Perhaps previous diet plans advised you to avoid fat, sugar, carbohydrates, or even entire food groups. You did lose weight at first but gained it back almost immediately after trying to resume normal eating patterns. Part of the reason for this is that most commercial diets set people up for failure. Their bodies can’t tolerate long-term deprivation of calories without enduring weakness, irritability, headaches, and intense sensations of hunger.

What is the HCG Diet?

Doctors who offer the HCG Diet in the Bay Area of California do things differently because they understand that most diet failure is caused by hunger. The HCG hormone, which helps pregnant women nourish their growing baby, controls your hunger while burning excess fat at an amazing rate. When combined with a low-calorie diet prescribed by your doctor, the pounds and inches drop off quickly. While everyone experiences weight loss at a different rate, most people lose approximately one pound a day during the active phase of the HCG Diet.

How the HCG Hormone Inspires Weight Loss

People naturally want to know more about this weight loss plan once they see the results it is capable of producing. “What is the HCG Diet?” is usually the first thing they ask after hearing about it for the first time. The diet program dates back more than 60 years when Doctor Albert T.W. Simeons, an endocrinologist and medical researcher from England, observed poor pregnant women in India. Despite living in extreme poverty, these women gave birth to healthy infants thanks to the HCG hormone.

Upon his return to England, Doctor Simeons treated his obese patients using the HCG hormone with remarkable results. This was after researching it for a few years and discovering that it had the power to reduce hunger and melt fat when used as part of a larger injectable compound. HCG is available in several other formats as well. The HCG used in this diet is in a different form than the hormone produced by the human body. It is entirely safe for both men and women to use as part of a medically supervised diet plan.

Personalization Makes All the Difference

Every patient who starts the HCG Diet has a different health background and unique needs when it comes to weight loss. The doctors in our directory recognize this. They spend considerable time with you at the start of the program determining if you’re a good candidate for it as well as the best ways to help you. You need to complete a physical exam before you begin to ensure that your body can tolerate receiving the HCG hormone for several weeks while following a low-calorie eating plan. If the exam doesn’t uncover any health issues that would exclude your participation in the HCG Diet, your doctor will provide advice on the following:

  • How many calories you should consume each day
  • Which food groups should make up the majority of your calories
  • Vitamin supplements you may need
  • Products to avoid, such as certain lotions and other grooming products
  • Whether you should engage in exercise during the active phase

The amount of time that you actively lose weight depends on the goals you expressed prior to starting the HCG Diet. Once you have reached your goals, your doctor continues to be available to you as you complete the maintenance phase.

Learn more about the HCG Diet and find out if and HCG Diet Medical Weight Loss Program is right for you, contact the Bay Area HCG Doctors Locator® or choose a local Bay Area HCG Diet Doctor near you to schedule your HCG Diet consultation and get started today!

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